Blessed Margaret of Castello REACH Program

the REACH Program is committed to providing measurably superior services that address the unique and diverse needs of all students.

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Address: 1800 South Acadian
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone Number: 225-336-8735 ext. 211
In 1962, Bishop Tracy established special education services in schools. In 1981, the program was consolidated into a special school that was housed in the present day Tracy Center on the grounds of the Catholic Life Center. In 1987, it was relocated to the school campus of St. Louis King of France so as to address "least restrictive environment" concerns. In 1988, the high school-aged students were moved to the campus of Redemptorist High School. In 1990, the remaining elementary students were moved to the campus of St. Gerard, which is now Redemptorist Elementary School. In 2010, the program was once again consolidated on one campus, that being Redemptorist High School. In 2014, a task force came together to revisit best practices of special education and in the fall of 2015, opened on 6 school sites with 30 students whose needs for services ranged from students on the spectrum to students needing lab services to remediate dyslexia. In 2016, the program grew to 63 students and for the 2017 school year the program is expecting 81 students.

Founded in 1962, the Special Education Program serves the Diocese of Baton Rouge by providing special education centers. The Program serves both Catholic and non-Catholic students from the ages of 6 to 21 who have been identified with an exceptionality according to the Louisiana Department of Education, Bulletin 1508.