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Address: 8595 Picardy Avenue, Box 410
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone Number: 225-763-4831
About Baton Rouge General:

After more than 115 years, we've come to appreciate what makes Baton Rouge special. Through historic changes in medicine, extraordinary developments in equipment and technology, and momentous shifts in demographics and community needs, Baton Rouge General has been a part of our community's landscape for generations.

As people live longer, healthier lives, and as technology creates new opportunities for care, we remain committed to serving the people of Baton Rouge while embracing the new world of healthcare to create exceptional experiences and value for our patients.

With 588 licensed beds between two campuses, Baton Rouge General offers care from the neonatal intensive care unit to hospice. From our acclaimed Regional Burn Center, to our award-winning cancer program and heart services, our experienced team of professionals is here to get you healthier.

When you go to the hospital, you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not you will receive quality care. You should expect it. You should expect to be treated with dignity and respect by every staff member you encounter. You should expect that you will be kept safe from additional harm and that you will receive care in a timely manner. You should also expect to receive medical care that is the combination of patient values, clinical expertise and research evidence at an affordable price. That's quality care. As the highest quality healthcare provider in the capital region, we work continuously to improve our processes in order to consistently and reliably meet or exceed our patients' expectations.

Your gift makes a difference.

It means that we can continue to provide exceptional healthcare by developing safe and effective treatments for everything from heart disease to diabetes to depression. It means we can send pediatric burn patients to a special summer camp that will change their lives. Or help a stroke victim learn to speak and walk again. Or cure cancer so a young mother can raise her children and live a full and happy life.

For more than 100 years, we have enjoyed the support of the Baton Rouge community. From generous donors to talented volunteers to clinical trial participants … we could not succeed if not for the special relationships we share with so many people who share our commitment to improving and saving lives.

Your gift makes it possible for us to purchase cutting-edge equipment and technology, to develop support programs and services, and to attract the best and brightest healthcare professionals to our team. Thank you for your spirit of giving and for partnering with us to provide hope and healing today, tomorrow, and always.

In September 2005, Demetria Perkins stepped into the position of Occupational Therapist at the Baton Rouge General. She was a supervisor with a contagious, positive attitude - always with a warm, bright smile. She was a strong team leader who had a very genuine, soft heart that made each patient feel like they were special - they were the only person she was caring for. Dee Dee once held the patient's hand as they led a second line down the hallway complete with music and umbrellas celebrating a successful rehabilitation.
On September 1, 2011, Dee Dee gathered several of her co-workers together for a meeting where she shared plans to start 2 new programs to support our patients - a patient reunion and a stroke support group. She led the meeting with poise and excitement, nothing out of the ordinary.
Later that afternoon, Dee Dee went to help drop off a co-worker at the family health clinic down the street. At some point between getting on the elevator on the first floor and arriving on the 5th floor, the unthinkable happened.
She was found slumped over in the elevator outside the rehab unit. Dee Dee had suffered a severe stroke.
There was no warning sign. She couldn't move her right side, couldn't speak. She was rushed to the Emergency Department where, as the nurses and doctors worked on her, her coworkers held hands, prayed with her and stayed right by her side.
Dee Dee was a very active member of her church choir, and knew the healing power of music… following the lead of her husband, coworkers started singing Amazing Grace and This Little Light of Mine right there around her in her room. And although she couldn't speak, it calmed her (and her coworkers) through the rush of emotions and confusion.

Her road to recovery has been challenging. She has had to learn how to walk, stand up and speak again. But every day she has gotten stronger and stronger.
Today, she is an active member of her community and church….she's always the first one to show up at the stroke support group meetings - the very ones that she envisioned starting back on the very day of her stroke. And although she has been unable to return to Baton Rouge General as a therapist, she volunteers weekly with us by feeding patients who are unable to feed themselves, giving them strength and hope as well.