Capital Area Agency on Aging

The mission of Capital Area Agency on Aging, District II, Inc. (CAAA) is to advocate and provide services to enhance the quality of life for aging adults.

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Address: 6554 Florida Boulevard, Suite 221
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone Number: 225-922-2525
CAAA began providing services May 1974. We have a presence is 17 parishes. The services we provide include home and community based services( homemaker, personal care, congregate and home delivered meals through service providers); information and assistance, utility assistance, wellness classes, Medicare counseling and prescription assistance through our Aging and Disability Resource Center; provide useful part-time training opportunities for low income, unemployed, have poor employment prospects and have the greatest economic need through our Senior Community Services Employment Program; and provide information and advocacy to elderly residents of nursing homes and assist living facilities.
Testimony: Mrs. J's husband is a dialysis patient. Mrs. J, who is feeble herself has had back
surgery that prevents her from standing most days because of the pain. Mrs. J says the meals are
such a blessing because I can't stand long enough to cook. The meals have worked out so well with him
being a dialysis patient and being on such a strict diet."

Mr. M is in a wheelchair and lives alone. He is unable to bath on his own. Without our personal care services I truly feel like he would be place into the nursing home.

Ms. G participated in our evidenced based Matter of Balance 6 week course - " For the first time in 15 years I have been able to go in my back yard and work in my flower beds. I got a man to come and cut down the trees in my flower bed that were about 4 feet tall. He dug up the weeds and flower bulbs that were still living. He added 12 sacks of soil and wanted to plant my bulbs back but I told him no I wanted to do that myself. I now have 4 beds full of iris, amaryllis, spider lily, pansies and dianthus. I am feeling so much better than before and I attribute it all the exercise I am now doing (Matter of Balance)".