Our mission is to build a healthy and strong local food system; to increase sustainability of independent local farmers, fishers and food producers; and to foster stewardship of land and community through public markets.

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Address: P.O. Box 3976
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
Phone Number: 225-267-5060
Founded in 1996, BREADA has over twenty-years of experience in building a healthy, local food system with four weekly Red Stick Farmers Market locations as well as Main Street Market, a six-day a week public market located in downtown Baton Rouge. BREADA's network of markets not only provide a sustainable livelihood for small family farmers, but they also provide access to fresh food in underserved neighborhoods. BREADA's outreach programs focus on promotion of fresh, locally-grown foods and their health benefits to families through cooking demonstrations, nutrition education, and children's activities.

BREADA is committed to conducting its business, programs and Market activities according to the following core values:
-sustainability and growth of Louisiana's small family farms
-stewardship of land through fair and just agricultural practices
-community building through Markets that create healthy gathering places
-access to local foods to everyone, regardless of income

BREADA's outreach programs include:
-Red Stick Sprouts connecting kids with local food and farmers
-Red Stick Rewards matching fresh food purchases for low-income families
-LA Small Farm Survival Fund granting disaster relief for small farmers
-Nutrition Education teaching families and children about healthy eating

Your donation directly supports a healthy local food system that provides a sustainable livelihood for small family farmers and makes fresh, healthy food accessible to everyone. Join us in cultivating a healthy local food system with a gift to BREADA today.
"Without Red Stick Farmers Market, starting a farming operation would have been next to impossible. The Market gives us access to informed consumers dedicated to supporting local agriculture."
- Galen Iverstine, Iverstine Farms