1) Do you hold my credit or debit card information?

Not under any circumstances do we have access or hold on to your card information. The donation is completed from the privacy of your own device.

2) My device screen did not change, after pressing donate?

If the device screen does not turn into a “Thank You” Screen, you did NOT donate. It either means you “missed information” or you need to verify your donation with your card issuer and do it again.

3) What percentage goes to the non-profits?

All donations go straight to the selected non-profit account holder. Benevolent Enabler stands for radical transparency and takes 1% as a social impact technology company. We believe in digital equality, radical transparency and the power of now. Please note that standard credit card charges apply – see Legal Disclaimer for more information.

4) How do I receive my tax-deductable receipt?

Upon completion of your donation, the receipt automatically is sent to your email address and includes the non-profit’s EIN number for your tax return purposes.

5)  If I share on social media my donation effort for #GiveBR, will I also share my credit card details?

Under no circumstances can ANYONE see your bank card details. To share your completed donation is only to share the campaign link for others to donate too.

6) Is Give Baton Rouge Day every year?

This is the first Give Baton Rouge Day this year, November 29th, 2016. Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations started this year after the flood in August to help non-profits in the area back on their feet. We hope to conduct #GiveBR day, every year forward.

7) Is there a customer services line? Can I share a compliment or complaint?

Yes, Benevolent Enabler believes in human-to-human interaction, to solve problems in real-time. For 24/7 service support, email: info@benevolentenabler.com. For 8am til 8pm, you can either reach Jess on: 646 538-5063 or Kim on: 347 276 7358. Or write to:

Benevolent Enabler Inc.
Customer Services
408 Magazine Street, suite 400
New Orleans, La 70117

8)  Can I give from my international bank card?

Yes, Benevolent Enabler accepts most cards from most countries.

9) Can I use Benevolent Enabler?

If you are a non-profit, company or individual – BE can help you with your fundraising efforts; providing there is a clear fundraising goal. We are similar to gofundme.com but we do not openly publish your need for financial support on our website unless you wish to do so.

10) Can I share the donation link on What’s APP?

Yes, simply copy/paste the donation link and share on your What’s APP or any social media platform you deem suitable. Our web link is agnostic and can be used across all social media.